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Probate litigation can negatively impact grieving families

When a loved one dies, the people who are left behind have a lot of things that they need to do. One of these is to handle the estate of the deceased, which includes reading the will. There is always a chance that someone will get upset by the contents of the will, which could lead them to contest it.

What does undue influence mean in probate cases?

One of the reasons why someone might challenge a will is if the person who created the will was under the influence of another person. This undue influence might have led the person to make provisions in the will that he or she wouldn't have made otherwise.

Work through the challenges of a complex estate

The probate process is foreign to many people. When your loved one dies and issues about the estate plan creep up, you might be facing a battle. Probate litigation is something that you might not be prepared to handle, but we are here to help you through the process.

Understanding the benefits of a Roth IRA for estate planning

When considering traditional individual retirement accounts and Roth IRA investments, most people assume these plans are solely related to retirement savings. In reality, though, many people leave behind some amount of wealth in IRA accounts, and that has to transfer to a beneficiary. In some cases, converting assets to a Roth IRA can be good for both the current holder and future heirs.

3 reasons to get legal help with probate

When someone passes away, you might be plunged into a sudden whirl of grief and things to do. Even if the passing was something you had forewarning about, loss of a love done is rarely easy, which is one reason to seek assistance with probate matters. Here are three more reasons to get help from a legal professional if you are facing probate processes.

3 reasons to seek help with a probate case

Probate is a legal process, which means it usually takes place in or through the court. It deals with the way assets from someone's estate are distributed to his or her heirs. While having a will can greatly diminish the cost and stress of probate, it doesn't rule out probate. One of the first ways to make probate easier is to have a well thought-out estate plan, but whether or not that is present, if you are an heir to an estate, it might be worth getting professional legal help with any probate matter.

Heirs lose on appeal regarding creative assets of comedic team

One aspect many people overlook when dealing with estate planning and estate administration is the ongoing impact creative assets can hold. Whether you have a tiny royalty interest in an anthology or a major collection of song-writing credits, if you are a creative, it's important to include those assets in your estate plans. You -- and, in the future, your heirs -- also need to pay attention to legalities such as copyrights, which is something the Abbott and Costello heirs are learning.

What are some common issues with the probate process?

Despite what you might read online, you can't always avoid probate processes completely. You can, however, mitigate the negative issues related to probate with well-thought-out estate planning. Here's a look at some of the issues you can avoid by working with an estate planning professional.

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