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What is an inter vivos trust?

An inter vivos trust, or rather, a living trust, is an arrangement created by an individual while he or she is still living that allows his or her affairs to be managed by someone else. An inter vivos trust is somewhat similar to how the contents of a will are handled, but instead, the person arranging the trust is called the beneficiary rather than the grantor and the person managing the trust is known as the trustee rather than the executor. Since this type of trust may be revoked at any time, it is often known as a revocable trust.

Planning for trusts can be navigated with simple tips

A key part of managing assets is often setting up a trust. The process can be overwhelming, but when professional advice is secured earlier, it makes things easier for all involved. If you're currently making plans for managing your wealth, it will help if you follow a few key tips.

Trusts an important part of estate plans

High net worth clients have many different options of how to distribute their wealth to their beneficiaries. Some might choose to simply leave money outright to their daughters and sons in their will as direct cash disbursements. However, it is often a good idea to include trusts in order to make sure that the money is managed well.

Fair trustee fees in California for family members

Trustee fees are typically paid out to someone who does the work on the behalf of a person who wants to make sure that their assets are distributed correctly. This can be a long and complicated process, depending on the complexity of the situation, and it is also something that parents can have their children do. For this reason, it is important for these parents and children to know what types of trustee fees should be offered.

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