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Some people in California skip out on creating an estate plan for the simple reason that they do not like to think about passing away. It is a difficult and sometimes uncomfortable subject. However, an estate plan can be a significant help to your heirs, so it is something that you may want to consider. Even if you have a long life ahead of you, planning for the future can be beneficial.

For one thing, your heirs are left to figure out what you would have wanted on their own. Would you want them to sell the house and split up the money, or do you want someone to take the house so that it stays in the family? Would you want the money to be split up equally, or should some of your heirs get a higher percentage of that money while others get other assets — such as vehicles or real estate.

These are questions that can be nearly impossible for people to answer without guidance from you.

On top of that, the entire process of going through probate can be stressful for a family. Some members may feel that they are not getting what they deserve, and it can lead to arguments and family divisions. If you have an estate plan that tells them exactly what you want done with all that you own, they get to avoid all of these potential issues. Not only does this mean that what you wanted to be done will really be done, but it can also keep your family members close.

There are important legal steps to estate planning that you should learn about, and we encourage you to check out our page on the subject to learn more.