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In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the options you have for making sure your pet is taken care of after you die. That post was only one small example of special considerations that must be thought about when you are creating an estate plan. We can help you explore your situation so you can learn the options you have available to create an estate plan.

We understand that trying to plan for what will happen after you die is something that is very personal and sometimes unpleasant. We can listen to your concerns and explore your options with compassion as you create your estate plan. We can help you learn more about specific trusts that might be beneficial for your estate plan. We can help you learn what you can include in a will and what should be left out of a will.

We can also help you determine what types of plans you want to make for your final days. Powers of attorney and other similar documents are tools that you can use to ensure your final days are spent in accordance with how you would want to spend them if you were able to make decisions on your own.

Your estate plan is something that is very unique. There isn’t an estate plan that will work for every person who needs to create one. It is important that your estate plan accurately reflects your wishes in a manner that is legal so that your heirs and beneficiaries won’t have to deal with estate litigation after you are gone.