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A few weeks ago, we discussed how adult children — or anyone in a family setting — might approach uncomfortable topics related to an aging relative’s inability to care for himself or herself. We noted in that post that guardianships or conservatorships might be an answer, but we know that these types of legal relationships can seem daunting.

Many times, families who are dealing with such situations simply don’t have the energy left after all necessities are handled each day to research more about legal options. Adult children and others might be worried about taking on more responsibility or be unsure about how taking on such activities in a legal capacity could impact their own futures and finances.

Older individuals who might be in a position to consider giving up control of some aspects of finances or healthcare and legal decisions might still want more information on the process. How much control are you giving up, and what does that mean for you? Can you get control back? What happens if you disagree with your guardian or if you eventually don’t have the capacity to disagree but your guardian is not holding up his or her fiduciary duties?

Regardless of which perspective you are approaching guardianship and conservatorship issues from, you don’t have to approach them alone. Our firm works with you to understand the needs of your unique situation, answer any questions you might have about the legal implications of guardianships, and create a plan that works for you. We can also work with you to ensure the ongoing legal relationship is as smooth and stress-free as possible.