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Planning your estate doesn’t have to be something that is difficult. Of course, the thought of dying isn’t one that is pleasant, but knowing that you did what you needed to ensure that your loved ones know what to do when you are gone can easily overshadow the unpleasantness of those thoughts.

Your estate plan is something that you can think about, no matter how old or young you are. All adults should have an estate plan in place. Before you think that you don’t have enough assets to require an estate plan, you need to think about what all an estate plan includes.

Estate plans aren’t only wills and trusts. Other components of an estate plan include the powers of attorney and the living will. These documents make your wishes known and appoint a person who can ensure that they are complied with.

The living will is a document in which you lay out what your wishes are for medical care when you can’t relay your wishes yourself. This could include instructions about what sort of lifesaving measures you want or don’t want. It can include what types of life-prolonging measures, such as tube feeding, that you are willing to have.

The powers of attorney need to cover two areas — finances and health care. You can choose one person for both or each designation can have a different person. These individuals should know your wishes and be able to stand up for you when things get tough.

We can help you get your estate plan together so that you can rest easier knowing that your wishes are relayed in a legal and concise manner.