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Guardians And Conservators Manage Finances When Others Are Unable

Estate planning involves more than determining how a person’s assets will be distributed after death. In some cases, you may have to make arrangements for the care of someone you love or yourself if you are incapacitated.

When a loved one, such as a mother or father, is no longer able to care for him or herself, it may fall to their loved ones to manage his or her affairs. Concerned family members can do this by establishing a conservatorship. In a conservatorship, the court appoints a person to handle the finances, person or both of an incapacitated loved one. This is often helpful in cases where an older loved one has suffered a decline in health.

Conservatorships are a highly emotional area of the law, and siblings and children often come into conflict as they determine the best ways to help their loved one. I am San Diego conservatorship attorney Suzanne P. Nicholl, and I can help you sort out the legal issues surrounding a conservatorship conflict.

Managing Guardianships In California

Probate guardianship is another way in which estate planning can provide for the care of a loved one. When a child’s parents are unwilling or unable to care for him or her any longer, a guardianship can be arranged. A guardianship allows an adult to manage the affairs of a minor child. The guardian has many of the same rights as an adoptive parent, such as the right to determine where the child will live and the right to make decisions about the child’s health care.

I take an active and enthusiastic approach to the establishment of guardianships. As your lawyer, I will help you through the entire process, giving you clear legal advice along the way.

Most guardianships end when the child reaches age 18. Sometimes, however, a situation arises that means the arrangement must end early. If your guardianship can no longer continue, contact my law office. I will meet with you and help you arrange for a termination of guardianship.

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