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Effective Resolutions To Probate Disputes

The time following the death of a family member can be difficult. In addition to the emotional upheaval caused by the death, family members must also navigate the unfamiliar waters of probate.

Probate is the legal process that governs the way a person’s assets are passed down after death. Generally, probate involves validating a will and honoring its contents. Usually, statements made in the will are agreed upon by all parties. Sometimes, however, family members choose to contest the terms of the will or ownership or property, leading to legal action.

Family members can resolve disagreements through a legal process known as probate litigation. Through probate litigation, the court system will examine the case and determine whether the deceased person’s will should be honored as written, or if another arrangement should be followed, or if the property was owned by the decedent. A similar system exists for people who choose to contest a trust, believing that the terms of the trust have not been honored.

As a San Diego probate litigation attorney, I have extensive experience helping California residents resolve their probate and trust disputes. Throughout my career, I have developed a thorough understanding of our state’s probate laws, allowing me to provide effective legal advice in even the most complex situations.

Experienced Advice, Cost-Effective Services

Trust and probate litigation can be a long process, sometimes lasting over a year. I understand that this can put a strain on many people’s finances; to ease this burden, I offer my services at a reasonable hourly rate. I also help my clients to come to a settlement whenever possible; this allows them to resolve the issue with a minimum of time and expense.

If an acceptable settlement cannot be reached through alternative measures, however, I am fully prepared to defend your interests in court. My deep understanding of California’s probate laws empowers me to be a strong and effective litigator; if we take your case to trial, I will aggressively defend your interests, seeking out the most favorable possible result.

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If you are involved in an estate dispute, it is important that you speak to a lawyer for more information about your legal situation. At the Law Office of Suzanne P. Nicholl, PC, I offer initial consultations to all clients, as well as evening. To contact my San Diego law office, please fill out my online form or call +1-619-894-8552.