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A power of attorney is a useful tool for estate planning

Making financial plans of any kind entails looking at the full range of tools available. This holds true for estate planning, which can be approached in a wide variety of ways. One of those is signing a form to grant a trusted individual power of attorney.

Tips for women doing estate planning

The demographics of wealth in the United States are changing rapidly. Increasingly, women control financial resources that in many cases are greater than those of their significant other. Indeed, one estimate claims that women currently control $14 trillion worth of assets with that figure projected to grow to as much as $20 trillion in the next six years. This has substantial effect on estate planning by women, since they now have more resources to actively manage.

Estate planning for all California residents, not just rich

The very word "estate" has historically been associated with those who are wealthy. However, this association is a relic of previous eras. In the 21st century, it is valuable for everyone to take care of estate planning for a variety of good reasons. Many couples are taking that advice and meeting with advisors to plan for the future.

What documents do you need in your estate plan?

Many Americans haven't thought about creating an estate plan despite the numerous benefits they offer to you and your family. Individuals in San Diego should consider creating an estate plan to address what will happen to their assets, their end-of-life care and many other issues. 

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