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3 tips for asking someone to be your executor

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Estate Planning |

You have taken into account the non-negotiable qualities you would like your executor to possess and have identified the most suitable person(s). So, how do you start the conversation?

Being an executor is a complex job. Even if your chosen party is not familiar with the specific duties of their role, they likely recognize the sensitivity of handling your estate. Accordingly, you may be concerned about how to approach them.

Nonetheless, with practical tips, you can hold a smooth discussion. These include:

Tell them why you made your choice

It can be beneficial to tell your chosen party why you chose them. Tell them how you are impressed with their organizational or financial management skills, or that you trust them and so on. 

Explain their duties

You should explain the duties your chosen party is expected to perform. Be specific about each role. Let them know they will manage your estate, ensure your wishes, including medical decisions, are fulfilled, make funeral arrangements, pay debts and communicate with beneficiaries, among other responsibilities.

Encourage them to ask questions when they need more information about a matter.

Tell them to take time 

Your chosen party should not feel like you have already decided to appoint them. Willingness is a vital quality of an executor. They should have enough time to make an informed decision. This ensures you appoint someone who will perform their duties competently without feeling pressured. Thus, actively inform your chosen party to take time before responding. 

Once your executor accepts the role, you can connect them with other experts you are working with to understand their role in depth. If they don’t, it may be time to initiate a conversation with your other choice(s).

How you approach someone to be your executor matters. Obtain more information on how to do so to have successful discussions.