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A 32-year-old dancer-choreographer awaits a judge’s decision on whether he can bring a late probate claim against Michael Jackson’s estate. The man needs the permission of a Los Angeles Superior Court judge since he did not file the paperwork to sue until May 2013, almost four years after Jackson died from a drug overdose on June 25, 2009.

The dancer alleges that the singer molested him as a boy during 1990 to 1997, even though he initially testified at Jackson’s 2005 trial for child molestation that Jackson had never abused him. The trial involved another young boy that accused the singer of sexual molestation. That case later ended with an acquittal.

According to court documents, the man initially did not view himself as having been molested by Jackson, but over the years while he was in therapy, he became aware of what had allegedly occurred. Although the attorney, who is working on behalf of the estate, has commented that there must be limits placed on when claims against the estate can be filed, the man’s attorneys have countered that he should be entitled to a full hearing on the matter rather than have his case disposed of by the judge issuing a single motion.

A second attorney for the man states that even if a dismissal is issued by the judge, the man can still move forward with a lawsuit against the corporate arm Jackson created prior to his death. The case currently remains ongoing with a decision in the hearing expected soon.

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