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A compromise has been reached in a court case that will allow some of legendary blues singer B.B. King’s family members an opportunity to view his body in private prior to a public viewing that is scheduled for Friday, May 22. There is also a private memorial planned for the singer on Saturday, May 23. The compromise for the family-only viewing came after attorneys for one of B.B. King’s daughters reached an agreement with the singer’s longtime power-of-attorney and business agent after a meeting with a commissioner from probate court.

This was the second run-in the family has had in recent weeks with the singer’s power-of-attorney. Five of the singer’s children had gone to court earlier in the month to establish a legal guardianship for their father, stating that they believed their father was not receiving proper medical care and was allegedly being abused.

The case was later dismissed without prejudice after the guardianship commissioner stated that they did not have enough legally for the family’s case to move forward. He stated three problems as the basis for blocking their efforts for a petition for guardianship. 1) All parties had not been served, 2) the guardian they wanted already had three other wards and 3) although there had been two investigations, both failed to find any problems with the singer’s care.

The singer died on May 14 after being moved into home hospice care on April 8. He was 89. He is survived by 11 of his 15 natural and adopted children.

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