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When a loved one dies, the last thing most people want to have to do is to fight over the estate. In some cases, a fight is necessary. This is often the case when it is believed that the will or other estate planning documents that were presented to the court isn’t what the decedent would have wanted. That can be because the decedent wasn’t legally competent to execute the documents.

We know that going through probate after a loved one dies is often confusing and complex. We can stand by your side from the initial reading of the will through the distribution of assets. In the interim, there is a variety of things that must be done. Some of these things, such as filing certain forms, must be done according to the deadlines set forth by the law. It is vital to ensure that everything done during the probate process is done legally and on time.

During the probate process, the decedent’s debts are handled, their assets are inventoried and the assets are distributed. If there is a will, that will is checked for validity. If it is found to be valid, the probate process can move forward. If it isn’t valid, the process can turn more complicated.

Even if a loved one didn’t have an estate plan, the probate process is still necessary. In this case, the estate would go through a distribution based on state laws that cover people who die intestate. We can help you understand how your loved one’s estate will be handled if there wasn’t a will.