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The death of Robin Williams last year shocked many of his fans. At the time of his suicide, it seemed as though everything was set for Williams’ estate to be distributed in accordance with his wishes. One year later, his widow and his children are still battling things out in court.

The three Williams children and his widow haven’t been able to come to an agreement about his estate. A hearing is now set for Aug. 28 to delve more into the contested estate plan issues.

The main area of contention in the estate is the Tiburon, California, property. Williams’ wishes stated that his widow could live in the property, but wouldn’t own it. Instead, his children would inherit it later. Some of Robin Williams’ personal items are also a source of dispute between the widow and his children, but Williams’ children note that the trustees have already said those personal items belong to them.

Williams’ widow says that trustees who are overseeing the estate have determined the expenses associated with the Tiburon property and the value of the property. She would be responsible for paying the expenses, but claims that the trustees haven’t told her how they came up with the figures.

The widow also claims that she hasn’t received any payments from the trust that Williams established to help with her cost of living. The children have noted that about half of the trust’s net assets are set to be placed in the trust for his widow. When she dies, the assets that remain would be split between the three Williams children and her two children with one-fifth going to each child.

Estate disputes are hard on loved ones who are left behind. It is vital for anyone who is creating a will and trusts to ensure that the instructions they leave behind are legal, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

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