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Depending on the circumstances, family reactions to a loved one passing away can differ greatly. If someone dies at a very old age, grief is often softened by the knowledge that the person is no longer suffering. If the death is sudden, family and friends can be in shock and not know how to proceed. Whatever the circumstances, if heirs have to deal with probate, then they are likely dealing with an unfamiliar and complex process at a time when they are also grieving.

It’s no wonder disputes and probate litigation can occur among heirs. Many times heirs are simply trying to ensure a loved one’s legacy is honored, but they can’t agree on what the loved one might want most. One way to reduce this stressful issue for heirs is to leave behind clear estate documents.

If you are one of the heirs who is trying to deal with probate processes at a difficult time, you don’t have to do it alone. Our firm specializes in assisting families with the probate process. From administering a decedent’s estate to validating a will or disputing an estate claim, we can help.

When not handled properly, probate processes can drag out for years. On the other hand, rushed probate procedures might result in an outcome that is not in keeping with the decedent’s wishes or ends badly for heirs. By working appropriately through probate with the guidance of a professional, you can avoid either of these extremes. The probate process was originally designed to help heirs finalize matters, and we can help you use the process for that goal.